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About us

We are a group of local schools based in Eastern Europe and Mexico. Through our four members we provide formal education, year-round language courses, B2B summer camps, as well as volunteering experiences. Our mission is to provide quality education locally. Each of our member schools posses unique values, however all together complement and support each other 's mission through educational experiences such as seminars, teachers trainings, language learning and leadership activities.


"Educate. Travel. Inspire."

Q&A Seminar

Language Learning and Formal Education

Year-round language courses and formal education is available through EEG's member schools. All academic programs are certified with qualified teachers. These are a perfect solution for improving language skills, studying abroad, becoming an english teacher, or studying at a local preschool for kids.


A Comprehensive Approach

Our clients may have different interests, that is why we provide open seminars and workshops with a global vision while organised locally. Topics on previous events include; "How to Apply to University in the European Union with Scholarship", "Living and Working in Hungary", "CV creation for the European Market", and "Professional Pathway in Europe".

Volunteering Experiences

Travel with a social impact

EEG offers the opportunity to experience the Mexican lifestyle by living and volunteering abroad. All programs are based on our focus areas such as the environment, gender equality, young entrepreneurship, sustainability, education or non-violence

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In six weeks I can make conversation with people, I can order in a restaurant or the bakery and I can give directions how to get somewhere - that's a testament to good they are!

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