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Early childhood educational program.

The mission being at the centre of this project: "to promote democratised quality education in early childhood". The educational program was designed with a group of local early childhood pedagogical experts with experience in Montessori training and STEAM education. The educational program was designed based in different values such as respect to the environment, arts, technology, music, local traditions, languages and nutritious food intake. The educational program and preschool named Colegio Bienestar de Santa María Ahuacatitlán A.C. got its license (17PJN0672Z) under the Institute of Education in Morelos (IEBEM) in 2019. Additionally to the local involvement of the community, valuable contribution of international donors from the USA and Europe sent supplies and books to the help boost the local project. In the end of 2019, our founder was nominated and amongst the finalists for the Latin American Social Leaders Award in Viena, Austria at the United Nations Headquarters.