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Travelling to Mexico and visiting our project is a reality. Volunteers have the opportunity to get to know local Mexican culture, teachers, parents and others. They can practice their language knowledge under a safe and local community of Santa María Ahuacatitlán in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.

Travel with a Cause

Local preschool and the accommodation are located near the Autonomous University of Morelos (UAEM) and one street far from the National Institute of Health (INSP).From Monday to Friday we offer home-cooked meals at our kindergarden (fresh fruits, cereal or yoghurt in the morning and one hot meal at noon). Every Friday, a different parent cooks local food and shares it with us. Volunteers will be able of trying different local cooking.


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Private furnished room at a shared house (mainly female students from the Autonomous University). Kitchen and bathroom are shared. The house is located one block away from the Kindergarden.

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