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About us

Education Europe Group Ltd. was born in 2019 as an umbrella organisation to facilitate communication between international projects.
Our mission is to improve social justice and contribute to the Global Development Agenda across Latin America and Eastern Europe.
We develop socio-educational programs with local experts promoting the right to education and enhancing, life skills for individuals
regardless age, background and origin.

Based on Education Europe Group's 2030 strategy, our development approach has three components:


1. Train local human capital
2. Strategical partnership (involvement of a local partner)
3. Cultural exchange
How we do it.

A feasibility study is conducted by EEG's team in order to determine if a project is suitable for a long-term execution. After the first results are out, a local partner with expertise in the topic is chosen to be the main local anchor. Local partners are experts in their areas such as linguistics, early childhood development, pedagogy, diaspora studies, etc. This is how EEG comes in as a strategical partner providing support with legal and financial aspects from local legislation (Mexico, Austria and Hungary). 

Local human capital is trained. For instance, at the Mexican community preschool EEG's team make sure that all the staff and service providers are from the same local community. Educators continuously undertake trainings in their area, english lessons and other relevant skills. International volunteers are then welcome to provide a cultural exchange to the community. Additionally, both the Austrian-Language School and Hungarian School continuously train and hire international teachers that are not necessarily born in a German/Hungarian  speaking countries. EEG's objective is to provide opportunities for local and talented human capital.

Our Mission

To create socio-educational programs that promote the right to quality education and enhance life skills for children, adolescents, and adults.

Our Vision

To improve social justice and contribute to the Global Development Agenda across Latin America and Eastern Europe

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