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Nancy is a capital of the Art Nouveau style which you can appreciate throughout the town or in one of our many museums.

Also Nancy is a modern city, well known as a major center of culture for France, admired for its festivals, its Opera and its Centre Chorégraphique

here is Chinese version / 中文版 



  • French language course

 There are 6 kind of language class depending on your language level 

A1 : Students will learn to communicate in a very simple way, to understand and use everyday life expressions,etc .

A2 :  Students will learn to understand simple conversations about your environment ,etc

B1 :  students will learntravel-related situations and to develop clear, well-structured French. 

B2 : Students will learn to identify main ideas or significant information from written or spoken French,etc.

C1/C2 : Students will learn to express themselves in a clear and well-structured way about complex topics. Students will discover great authors of French literature 

  • Theatre - a real-life way to learn

We wil teach you ​a first-hand knowledge of stagecraft: physical training, improvisation,


  • Other professional class 

  1. Law and International Trade French

  2. Financial Considerations

  3. The company

  4. Legal considerations

  5. Administrative considerations


Start date

You can choose your suitable date to join us 

  1. 4 weeks from June 29th 2020 to July 24th 2020

  2. 3 weeks from June 29th 2020 to July 19th 2020

  3. 2 weeks from June 29th 2020 to July 11th 2020


Also you can individualized class  

  1. from June 29th 2020 to July 2nd 2020

  2. from July 6th 2020 to July 10th 2020

  3. from July 13th 2020 to July 17th 2020

  4. from July 20th 2020 to July 24th 2020

Housing in a host family:

we have a limited number of host families. Priority goes to students under 17

Boudonville residence:

Every room has a private bathroom and a small balcony. Wifi and laundry facilities are available. Breakfast is included and served in the residence.

Student Life


  • Traditional weekend in Paris

  • Visit Bordeaux and its vineyards

Evening Activities

  • Dance parties

  • Wine and cheese party

  • movie night 

  • BBQ

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