Meet the Founder

Gabriela Liñán

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I am political scientist and social entrepreneur with a master’s degree in Environment, Development and Policy from University of Sussex and PhD in Political Science from Corvinus University of Budapest. 
My story initiated with the first ten years of my early adulthood getting involved in educational and environmental projects around the world as development volunteer. Amongst all the fantastic experiences, four organisations were inspired my upbringing the most (next section).
Throughout my life, I lived in Mexico, Canada, France, United Kingdom and finally Hungary. I can tell you that by far the biggest challenge I had in terms of cultural immersion and professional opportunities was in Hungary. Personally, I could relate to the term "second class citizen". Due to Hungary's strategical location in Europe, by first hand experience I understood the hard time that other immigrants just like me have to cope when coming from conflict zones such as Venezuela, Ukraine, Siria, Iran, etc. Additionally, the Hungarian language is one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world as it does not relate to any other. That is why in 2016, together with a local partner and a linguistic expert, the Hungarian Language School and Cultural Center (Magyar Iskola Kft.) was founded. This project was made from the bottom of my heart with the aim of facilitating short-term diaspora cultural immersion. Our first big achievement was received an official certification and license by the Hungarian Adult Education System (HAES) in 2017. At this point, the success of the project was consolidated. Magyar Iskola became an official service provider for local non-governmental refugee and immigrants organisations such as Malta Foundation (Magyar Máltai Szeretetzsolgalát). By the end of 2018, Mexican government announced the end of federal subsidies given to early childhood education centeres around the country. As a result, several childcare providers could not continue their operations. I took a proactive role and went on a scoping visit to my hometown in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. Cuernavaca is conformed by 12 "magic towns" organised under traditions and customs. This means that communities have their local way of organisation, traditions and celebrations. Thus, the magic town named Santa María Ahuacatitlan (the land of avocados) was chosen as the prime location for EEG's second education project. The center's mission is to promote quality education in early childhood by working with nature, arts, technology, music, local traditions, languages and to promote nutritious food among the locals. The learning program got its license under the Institute of Education in Morelos (IEBEM) in 2019. 

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1. ( An educational program in Chiapas, Mexico by Austrian founders for children and youngsters who lacked educational opportunities due toextreme poverty.2. (Fundación Sabias Qué?) An educational program for underprivileged high-school students from Puebla, Mexico. The community was so remote that there was no access to telecommunication.3. (FUN Society) a dynamic, youth-driven organisation dedicated to making learning about the environment, sustainability operating in Victoria and Vancouver, Canada.4. (Rota Jovem) Marine Conservation in Cascais, Portugal.

How I do it?

Train local human capital, support of international volunteers and involvement of local partners

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