LiDO Foundation

Non-for profit educational model for young girls

LiDO Foundation is a non-for profit organisation that was born in the state of Jalisco. Their aim is to achieve equity of social and cultural capital among Mexican girls and to create opportunities by providing a multidisciplinary educational model based on leadership seminars, language learning and critical thinking.


Colegio Bienestar

Nursery and Kindergarten 

Established since 2017 in Morelos, Mexico. Colegio Bienestar joined EEG in 2020. Their mission is to empower children's learning through quality education, respect for the environment and their community.

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Hungarian Language School

Certified Language Training

Established since 1991 in Hungary. Hungarian Language School became the first member to join EEG in 2016. One of their unique features as a language centre is the specialisation on the Hungarian language. It currently accounts with two locations (Buda and Pest). HLS mission is to encourage language education through full immersion.


Their slogan is "Learn Hungarian. Live Hungary. Love Hungary."


International House Budapest

Teacher Training and Language Education

Established since 2017 in Cuernavaca, Mexico. The mission for Colegio Bienestar is to empower children's learning through respect for the environment and their community.

IH Budapest offers many services such as language certifications, exam trainings for IELTS and TOEFL, kids and teenagers language training in English, German and Chinese, teachers training CELTA & DELTA, and a professional travel agency for private boarding schools, language summer camps and academic semesters abroad.