About Us

We are a group of local schools based in Eastern Europe and Mexico. Through our four members we provide formal education, year-round language courses, B2B summer camps, as well as volunteering experiences. Our mission is to provide quality education locally. Each of our member schools posses unique values, however all together complement and support each other 's mission through educational experiences such as seminars, teachers trainings, language learning and leadership activities.

EEG Junior Managers

Haoxin Dai - China

EEG Program Director

Haoxin Dai - China

International Contact


(Tel/WhatsApp): +36 30 2064067

Office: +36 1 266 26 17


(Tel/WhatsApp): +52 777 125 98 50


Tel: +86 138 2977 8461

(WeChat ID) : 13829778461




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